Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter from MODA Entertainment

HAPPY EASTER from MODA Entertainment!

Listen to MODA Entertainment's ICONS Radio Hour interview about the writers of "Easter Parade" Hackett & Goodrich with nephew David Goodrich.

Friday, April 2, 2010

MODA Entertainment Launches New Corporate Website

MODA Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of the new corporate website.

MODA Entertainment has just launched a new corporate website The new site design provides online visitors with dramatic improvements in navigation, appearance and accessibility

Richard Zampella, CEO, states: “Entertainment companies, in order to stay successful, need to be in tune with the marketplace and not be afraid to tailor their services to the needs of their clients and business partners. With a strong and growing Classic Hollywood market, and the anticipated growth projected in the future, MODA Entertainment, Inc. has positioned itself as a unique multi-media entertainment company specializing in the “Golden Age of Hollywood, its ICONS, and films.”

MODA Entertainment has a particularly strong presence in the Classic Hollywood and Golden Age of Hollywood sectors of the entertainment market. MODA's businesses include LicenseBox, MODA Productions, PublicityBox and MODA Publishing. MODA was founded in 1997.

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