Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Release: "The Other Side of the Story: Behind the Names" MODA Entertainment

MODA Entertainment
"The Other Side of the Story: Behind the Names"
Non Fiction Hard Cover 

New Addition to "MODA Entertainment" Online Discussion in May: 
Online interactive presentation of thousands of pages of Websites, Promotions, Releases, Booklets, Photos, Graphics, Colorings, Renderings, Playbills, Discussions.
Legal File: Tortuous Interference with defamation, Proof of Damage, and accomplices

"moda entertainment" Online Discussion

Online Discussion: Scheduled for May, only a few places left.

Chapter 14: Blaming Others for an Unsuccessful Career in Entertainment. Why people can't take responsibility. What would they do with their time if they did?

Chapter 15: Get a life!

MODA Entertainment

Paris, France

Legal File: Tortuous Interference

"MODA Entertainment"
"MODA Entertainment Inc"

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